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Posted by aifkod on September 28, 2010

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Apple’s iPhone burst onto the scene with much fanfare in June 2007, and instantly the other so-called smartphones seemed a whole lot dumber. The sleek black iPhone casts a long shadow over the smartphone landscape. For starters, it’s much more than a phone.

iPhone is poised to do to the mobile phone market what the iPod did to the digital media player market. Targeted primarily to high-end consumers and small-business owners, iPhone transforms mobile phone use from a chore into a pleasure. Handset makers long ago replaced stodgy gray menus with color, animated icons and Windows-style dialog boxes. But iPhone, powered by a sophisticated, full-fledged desktop operating system -Mac OS X – delivers a ground-breaking user experience that’s the next best thing to using a “real” computer.

iPhone is a multitasker’s dream. Download an e-mail while you surf the Web or listen to a song. iPhone beautifully and seamlessly integrates mobile calling, rich multimedia and sophisticated e-communication tools into one cohesive package.

iPhone is that rare convergence device in which tasks actually converge smoothly. iPhone is a phone, a camera, a PDA, and a full-fledged internet e-communicator. Software applications include SMS text messaging, Notes, calendar, Mail, visual voice mail, Maps, Safari, YouTube, CoverFlow, games, iPod-style MP3 play, and an array of simple but impressive widgets.

The iPhone sports the most attractive display of any mobile device of its size, bar none. While its 160ppi resolution might not quite earn the label “photorealistic,” the vivid 3.5-inch display does run at 480 x 320 pixel resolution (160 dots per inch), making it one of the highest pixel-density mobile devices on the market today.

But beauty runs deeper than pixel density alone. iPhone’s multi-touch display renders high-resolution text and graphics beautifully in every application — smooth text, brilliant colors, crisp graphics and fluid animation. Compared to the microscopic text of many handheld devices, iPhone text is stunningly clear and readable, even at the smallest sizes.

And content is easily zoomable with a simple finger tap, thanks to iPhone’s revolutionary gesture-based interface, which lets you simply tap, drag, flick or pinch the touchscreen to make things happen.

Then there’s iPhone’s external aesthetic, a blend of functional elegance and artful substance…

Photographs always make iPhone seem much larger than it is in real life. Measuring 2.4 inches wide by 4.5 inches tall and 0.46 inches thick, the iPhone is surprisingly diminuitive. It slips into a tight pocket easily, and rests against the ear gracefully.

iPhone’s curvy geometry makes it comfortable to hold and manipulate. Weighing in at 4.8 ounces, iPhone feels substantial, sturdy and well-balanced. The edges of the sleek optical-grade glass face tuck seamlessly into its stainless steel rim — each edge dovetails perfectly with the next.

The iPhone’s back side is primarily constructed of finely-milled aluminum, with a hard black plastic strip at the bottom which covers the device’s antenna array, and includes grids of holes for speaker and microphone audio. The iPhone’s back face also includes the tiny recessed lens of a compact, two-megapixel camera.

Once you’ve used an iPhone, you may find that all other mobile devices pale in comparison. iPhone is the sort of dazzling, revolutionary device that you’ll be unable to resist showing off to friends. They will covet it, of course; the iPhone experience sells itself. And Apple, as usual, is banking on that.

Like the Apple II, the Macintosh, and the iPod before it, iPhone is poised to win hearts and minds and leave competitors scrambling to catch up.

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