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Posted by aifkod on June 29, 2011

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Question by Konsantine: What are the best schools for personal training?
The one closest to me would be KTI in Harrisburg, PA, but I can?t seem to find any reviews on it. I?m willing to do online schooling if that is a better bet. Good or bad personal experiences with schools, I want to know them! How easy is it to get a job with the certification/diploma from the school you went to? Thanks!!

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Answer by Bell
The best personal trainers don?t necessarily come from a school with the best program- they usually have the best attitudes, a real interest in fitness, compassion for clients, and a good style. Get certified- some community colleges offer the degree, continue on-going study independently, have other trainers train you and get an idea of people styles, ask for tips, find your own way of doing it.

A person could know everything about working out/form/muscles/nutrition/exercise physiology and still be a lame personal trainer.

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