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Posted by aifkod on June 30, 2011

?Live and interactive? is what the web platform strives to deliver to an eager and enthusiastic audience . And, businesses, operating on this medium should cash in on the ?live mode? of delivery, making video sites another avenue of marketing an online business. How do video sites promote online business?

Video sites are those which allow internet users to watch free video hosted on their website. There are also those sites which not only promote their own video but also

permit users to upload some of their choice ?pertaining to specific business interests, hobbies etc. The procedure for uploading videos free of charge, in vides site is simple. After completing an online registration form, the user is given a storage quota to the extent of which he/she can upload videos. The video then lbecomes visible to a network of friends, professionals, or a specific community, it is shared with.

Coming to the business mode of communication, the purpose of hosting a video could be ideally to market a product or service. A product demo of a new business launch can be posted on video sites, which enjoy a high hit-ratio when it comes to online video search. To substantiate further, if a particular business is into marketing washing machines, a new model on the anvil, can be advertised about in the video sites. The video can feature a demo of the washing machine, its advanced features and the technology in the making. The key to successful online video marketing lies in making the content Search engine optimized(SEO). With a right choice of keywords, key phrases, which define the video, the product for launch will already be at the forefront of consumer talks, because internet users- converted-consumers would have hit upon the video during their seek ?n? search.

The video uploaded can be tweaked with utilities present in the video site to ensure that the business objective and the marketing angle converge to meet the target- the goal and the consumer. As a finishing touch to the video, giving a few simple guidelines or pointers can help achieve the goal ? of directing a sales lead.

This way you discover a marketing potential which is ?live and interactive? and one, which wins a high probability of getting viewed and noticed.

There is the popular youtube.com for hosting videos, and Google Video, which have been in the space for quite some time now. For instance, there are the specific music video sites, exclusively devoted to musicals( a passionate singer can find his/her voice reach the public through such media, and probably even get into the limelight). There are sites hosting videos of sorts or exclusively devoted to a particular subject(nature, wildlife, movies or business related product/service demos). Aspiring entrepreneurs can showcase their talent and accomplishments through video sites, which in turn could be a launch-pad to their career. After all, it?s almost similar to the ?word-of-mouth?, rising up to the ?visual-on-the-internet?. Through such promotions, there is the highest probability that your business gets the ?clicking-edge? and from thereon the right sales leads to send your cash-registers ringing.

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