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Posted by aifkod on September 30, 2011

Plumbing Do-It-Yourself For Dummies

Plumbing Do-It-Yourself

Want t? save time, money, ??? frustration ?? plumbing repair ??? substitution? D? ?t yourself! Plumbing D?-It-Yourself F?r Dummiesturns even t?? m??t daunting household plumbing project ??t? a simple, step-b?-step process t??t delivers professional-quality consequences ?t a ??rt ?f w??t ????d ???? t? pay a plumber???? ??? won?t ???? t? wait weeks f?r ?? appointment.

Fr?m fixing leaks ??? drips t? caulking a tub ?r shower, t? replacing a faucet, ????ll learn ??w t? tackle 40 ?f t?? m??t common plumbing jobs ?? ???r home. Simple-t?-follow, detailed instructions ??? hundreds ?f photos ??? illustrations guide ??? through each task. A??, ????ll even learn w??t surprises t? expect ??? ??w t? prepare f?r t??m. T??? user-friendly guide delivers ??? t?? ???? ??? need t?:

  • B? w?t? ??? ???r home?s plumbing system
  • Comply w?t? community plumbing codes
  • Fill ???r plumbing toolbox?including safety equipment
  • Organize, ???t, ??? prepare f?r ???r plumbing job
  • Repair ??? upgrade faucets ?f ??? kinds
  • Unclog drains, traps, ??? toilets
  • Replace toilet ??rt? ??? fix leaky tanks ??? bowls
  • St?? toilet tanks fr?m sweating
  • Deal w?t? noisy, sweaty, ??? frozen pipes
  • Replace a dishwasher ?r garbage disposal

Complete w?t? a helpful briefing ?? choosing t?? r???t pipes ??? fittings f?r ???r project ??? understanding ???r home?s supply ??? drain-waste-vent systems, Plumbing D?-It-Yourself f?r Dummies ?? t?? one tool ??? m??t ???? before starting ??? household plumbing project.

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Plumbing Do-It-Yourself For Dummies

Plumbing D?-It-Yourself F?r Dummies

List Price: $ 16.99

Now : $ 8.75

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B?? Plumbing D?-It-Yourself F?r Dummies

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