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Posted by aifkod on September 30, 2011

When it comes to internet marketing strategies, one of the latest craze that many online marketers are into right now is automated blogging. There are lots of automated blog tools available like the WP Robot that allows users to automatically create blogs and manage the content of the article.

Nowadays, there are auto blog plugin tools that can actually scrape content of the article in a legal way and then provide all the needed back linking to the original site including the links that the author is trying to promote. This makes the automated blog content legit and it also recognizes the website that truly deserves recognition.

One of the best and popular auto blog plugin tools is the WP Robot. Another one is called Autoblogged. There are still a lot of options available in the internet however, these two automated blog plugins are the in demand ones among internet marketers who are making use of this marketing strategy. These products are getting quite a positive feedback and approval because of various good reasons. They are recognized as the best on this field of online marketing and these two are considered by users as the most reliable and solid platforms to build your article content automatically. Better purchase whenever there is Autoblogged or WP Robot discount.

I want to be transparent as much as possible and I prefer using WP Robot than Autoblogged. There are actually few reasons why, among these reasons and probably the biggest is its capability to get article content from various sites or resources, thus having more article choices. It also has the ability to create articles from Amazon, eBay and ClickBank with monetized content. To feed your monetized content, WP Robot allows you to easily build monetized website.

Included on this features are functions that allows easy mix and match of the contents from different sources and incorporate it into one article. Say for instance, content from the following sources can be mixed and make a single posting using this tool:

* Auction listings from eBay that are keyword relevant
* Contents from sooperarticles.com and articlesbase.com that are keyword relevant

* Product listings from Amazon that are also keyword relevant
* Flickr images that are relevant to the keyword
* Content from RSS feeds that are relevant to keywords
* Videos from YouTube that are relevant to keyword

Creating completely unique articles is easy with the use of WP Robot and the use of its mix and match features. These articles are all relevant to the keyword and contain relevant products and information according to the visitors? searches. Autoblogged on the other hand also provides excellent tools, but not tools for monetization. Though Autoblogged offers the best solution for RSS feed integration and around articles, these key benefits are lessened because of its lack of ability to monetize the article content as what the it does. So when you are going to purchase WP Robot, make sure that you look for the latest WP Robot discount to even save more.

Internet marketing can provide great income using the right strategy and the best tools in the market. To find out more of the latest craze in online marketing, WP Robot is the best tool for your automated blogging purposes. Just click here for more information.

Source: http://webdiana.net/internet-and-businesses-online/blogging/wp-robot-discover-the-best-autoblogging-plugin-tool.html

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