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Supply-side factors driving inflation: Pranab Mukherjee (Reuters)

Posted by aifkod on October 31, 2011

NEW DELHI (Reuters) ? Inflationary pressures in India are being driven by supply-side factors, Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee said on Monday, adding he expects inflation to moderate from December.

India’s headline inflation has topped 9 percent for nearly a year, prompting its central bank last week to lift its policy lending rate for the 13th time since March 2010.

(Reporting by Manoj Kumar; Editing by Aradhana Aravindan)

Source: http://us.rd.yahoo.com/dailynews/rss/india/*http%3A//news.yahoo.com/s/nm/20111031/india_nm/india602161

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Video: NASA launches new satellite

Posted by aifkod on October 31, 2011

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Source: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/21134540/vp/45083534#45083534

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November 9th communications shutdown: A system reboot needed …

Posted by aifkod on October 31, 2011

John Boering

My take on the communications shutdown:

In what is obviously a muscle flexing exercise meant to show the public just how much power and control the federal government really has, all communications will be cut off for an estimated three minutes on November 9th, 2011.?

Claiming this is a test of the emergency response system, the terror alert system, and any other excuse they can come up with, Fema (that would be the same FEMA in charge of those camps they deny exist) will conduct a complete communications shutdown: all TV, radio, internet, and phone systems will be disabled simultaneously. This will be at 1:00 CST.?

I am trying to figure out what kind of national emergency would require cutting all communications, broadcasts and internet use?? Maybe an emergency in which the government itself feels threatened by ??.the people?? If this were a test to make sure the system was intact in the event of an emergency I could understand it.? But that isn?t what this is.? This is a test meant to ensure that the apparatus is in place and operational in the event the government wants to prevent communication between citizens: this is a test to make sure they CAN shut it all down if they choose to.??

Think Egypt here.? As the protest crowds grew in Egypt, what did the government do? They shut down all cell phones and internet access in an effort to halt communications. It didn?t stop anything, the crowds still grew, but the idea behind this action was clear.?

I believe what is actually behind this might be the downloading of some kind of code needed to make the shut-down apparatus work efficiently.? Think about your cable system if you have one or even an upgrade to many computer programs.? A new code must be downloaded and installed, then the system shutdown and re-booted for the changes to take effect.? And, just like these coded program changes in computers and cable, once you re-boot, whatever was newly installed is activated and just runs silently behind the scenes.? In fact, in almost every case, you are not even aware of what changes were made. I have a strange feeling this is what is happening here.? I also think this is somehow attached to the all-digital system they forced everyone onto a few years back.?

Being a rather rational and logical person, the idea of shutting off communications of all kinds during a national emergency just doesn?t make any sense to me.? Why would anyone want to do that? ?Wouldn?t your first reaction be to make sure communications were all intact and operational? ?Unless of course, their definition of an emergency is something other than say extreme weather, floods or things of that kind.?

In what kind of emergency situation would it benefit the public to have all communications shut down?? I can?t even think of one.

If I were the government I could see where it could be really handy especially in light of the steady growing unrest across the country. Of course their phones, computers and broadcast systems would all be working just fine as their communications systems are independent of the system the public uses.?

We have long since passed the point where we can trust government on any level.? This impending communications shut down is only a test run for something far more serious.? This is not about public safety, emergency response or any of the other fluff and hype put out to try and explain why the government would engage in such a test.? In my opinion, this is merely a test run for a future event which could be catastrophic as far as the general public is concerned.

?Keep your eyes and ears open??.something is afoot here and it doesn?t look good for most of us.

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Source: http://ppjg.wordpress.com/2011/10/29/november-9th-communications-shutdown-a-system-reboot-needed-to-activate-new-code/

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Evaluating Car Insurance | Estate Of ?

Posted by aifkod on October 31, 2011

Discovering the ideal achievable car insurance top quality requires a tiny legwork. Numerous distinct policies must be sought out and then compared. It is essential to compare car insurance simply because it is value using a tiny bit of time to discover the greatest coverage with the best rates. When it will come to insurance policies protection, there are quite a number of items that call for consideration.

The initial is what coverage is necessary. Drivers should assess the kind of protection that will best cover their scenario and then compare rates of several comparable ideas. To compare car insurance this way it is rather straightforward. Basically search the internet for policies from different insurance policies organizations that offer you related policies. When this details has been gathered the only issue left to do is evaluate the rates.

Suggestions for Comparing Insurance coverage Premiums

Evaluating insurance premiums is effortless if done appropriately. The most essential thing to do is compare comparable policies and their corresponding rates. Performing this outcomes in an objective comparison and tends to make the ideal option for car insurance evident. To compare car insurance programs the liability safety, car repair service, and health-related protection should all be precisely the exact same. The deductibles for every single car insurance approach must be equal as effectively. When this details is compiled, it turns into extremely simple to compare car insurance and the most inexpensive quote is obvious.

Insurance estimates are not always one hundred% precise, even so, since they are basically estimates. Even so, it is simple to compare car insurance and decide the program that is most extensive and affordable.

Automobile Insurance policy Reductions

When figuring out car insurance charges savings should also be taken into consideration. There are quite a number of factors why savings might be offered. These incorporate savings for good motorists, safety capabilities, driver training courses, and long-expression policyholders with the identical insurance policy firm to identify a few. Having to pay for car insurance is a single of people things everybody ought to do but no person likes. As a result, it is crucial to find the most affordable coverage and discounts can decrease premiums up to twenty five%.

Car Insurance

Source: http://estateof.com/2011/10/30/evaluating-car-insurance/

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Learn the 4 S?s with Carapelli Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Posted by aifkod on October 31, 2011

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Source: www.deals4dummies.com — Saturday, October 29, 2011
This post brought to you by Carapelli . All opinions are 100% mine. I?m always learning new things when I?m in the kitchen. Always. While trying to learn to cook healthier, I searched for new ideas of food preparation and leaner but tasty recipes. And one of the first things I learned while looking at new ideas and recipes was what EVOO meant. Extra Virgin Olive Oil, should be simple enough, right???Actually, EVOO is simple and complex ? a lot like wine.? So let?s learn! For example, much like wine tasting, there?s a very specific technique to tasting olive Oil. In olive Oil tasting there are the Four S?s: swirl, sniff, slurp and swallow. Seriously, these are from the experts, I didn?t make up ?slurp.? To begin, you pour a tablespoon of olive Oil into a blue glass and gently warm it by covering the glass with one hand and holding the body of the glass with the other. Now you Swirl: this will release the Oil?s esters which contain the aroma; Sniff, inhale deeply, the Oil?s aroma is the key to the fruitiness. Is the aroma subtle or intense? Next comes the fun part: Slurp, sip the Oil with a little air. Slurping helps spread the Oil throughout your mouth. What do you taste ? pepper, fruit, smoothness? And finally, swallow. The Oil shouldn?t leave an aftertaste in your mouth. A peppery stinging sensation in your throat is indicative of the Oil?s freshness. In an effort to eat healthier we use a lot of Olive Oil in our house. When coo …

Source: http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/Deals4dummies/~3/oKFkclM-bDw/

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Russia thanks Switzerland for WTO mediation (AP)

Posted by aifkod on October 31, 2011

MOSCOW ? Russia said Sunday it’s close to a deal in talks with Georgia that would open the way for Moscow to be approved as a member of the World Trade Organization by the end of the year.

Russia’s President Dmitry Medvedev thanked visiting Swiss President Micheline Calmy-Rey for Swiss mediation of the talks. Calmy-Rey voiced hope that her nation’s efforts will help Russia join the global trade body this year, and Medvedev responded that “we very much would like to see that.”

Russia needs to reach individual agreements with all 153 members of the WTO, and the lack of progress in talks with Georgia has been the last significant stumbling block. Switzerland has sponsored the negotiations between the two nations, which fought a brief war in 2008 leading to a breakdown in diplomatic ties.

Georgia said Thursday it has accepted a Swiss proposal providing guarantees of international supervision of all trade and cargo between Russia and the breakaway provinces of Abkhazia and South Ossetia. Russian officials said they need several days to analyze the offer.

Medvedev didn’t say in public remarks at the start of his talks with Calmy-Rey if Russia is ready to accept the Swiss offer, but the Kremlin economic advisor, Arkady Dvorkovich, said after the meeting that a deal is close and could be reached within hours.

“There are no major problems, but some issues need to be clarified,” Dvorkovich said, according to Russian news reports. He added that if the deal with Georgia is finalized, Russia can be acceped as a member of the WTO at its ministerial meeting in mid-December.

Russia is by far the largest economy still outside the international trade body despite 18 years of talks. Both the European Union and the United States have voiced hope that Moscow could join the WTO by the year’s end.

Georgia previously demanded that Moscow allow Georgian customs officials to operate in two breakaway provinces, Abkhazia and South Ossetia. Russia, which has recognized the two regions as independent states and strengthened its military presence there, flatly rejected the Georgian push.

The Swiss compromise proposal tried to solve the deadlock by offering to deploy international monitors at border checkpoints in the two separatist provinces.

Source: http://us.rd.yahoo.com/dailynews/rss/europe/*http%3A//news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20111030/ap_on_bi_ge/eu_russia_wto

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Get ready for the onslaught of Apple iTV rumors (Digital Trends)

Posted by aifkod on October 31, 2011


We just barely made it through the iPhone 5/iPhone 4S rumor mill alive, and we?ve already fallen into another bottomless pit of speculation, only this time it?s about a television.

That?s right, the so-far mythical ?iTV.? If you?ve been paying any attention at all over the past week, the tech press ? us included ? have begun salivating over what some believe is the last immaculate creation of late Apple co-founder and CEO Steve Jobs.

Fueling the fire of this newfound favorite topic is the recently released Jobs biography, Steve Jobs, by Walter Isaacson. Jobs told Isaacson that he?d ?finally cracked? the problem of producing a successful Apple television. Not Apple TV, the fringe set-top box that continues to make much of a splash, but an actual TV set, screen and all. The conundrum, according to Jobs, wasn?t simply how to make a good-looking TV, but how to make a revolutionary one. His solution: Siri.?

The voice-controlled Siri artificial intelligence, which debuted this month as an exclusive feature of the iPhone 4S, allows users to perform much of the functionality of the iPhone 4S just by speaking naturally.?

According to The New York Times? Nick Bilton ? as trusted a tech reporter as you will find ? Siri was the final piece to Jobs? Apple television puzzle. With the help of Siri, Apple?s version of the television may make the remote control obsolete, replaced by superior voice-control technology. ?I want to watch Mythbusters,? we?ll all soon be saying. And Siri (or some iteration of Siri) will just make it happen.?

Bilton reports that Apple has been working on a television since 2007, and he says that we will see the first iTV unveiled late next year, or in early 2013. 

Of course, like all other unannounced Apple products, there?s no telling what could happen. Unnamed sources and trusted reporters and publications have a terrible track record, as of late, at getting the scoop on Apple?s plans. This time may be different. We just don?t know. What we do know, however, is that the chatter about an Apple television will continue for at least the next year; and that, until we actually hear from Apple on the matter, we?ll be taking these reports well salted.

This article was originally posted on Digital Trends

More from Digital Trends

Source: http://us.rd.yahoo.com/dailynews/rss/applecomputer/*http%3A//news.yahoo.com/s/digitaltrends/20111028/tc_digitaltrends/getreadyfortheonslaughtofappleitvrumors

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Christian Piatt: Why Religious Fundamentalism Can’t Last (Huffington post)

Posted by aifkod on October 31, 2011

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Game 7: Close call helps Cards extend lead to 5-2

Posted by aifkod on October 31, 2011

St. Louis Cardinals’ Allen Craig hits a solo home run during the third inning of Game 7 of baseball’s World Series against the Texas Rangers, Friday, Oct. 28, 2011, in St. Louis. (AP Photo/Jeff Roberson)

St. Louis Cardinals’ Allen Craig hits a solo home run during the third inning of Game 7 of baseball’s World Series against the Texas Rangers, Friday, Oct. 28, 2011, in St. Louis. (AP Photo/Jeff Roberson)

Texas Rangers’ Nelson Cruz climbs the wall but can’t catch a home run off the bat of St. Louis Cardinals’ Allen Craig during the third inning of Game 7 of baseball’s World Series Friday, Oct. 28, 2011, in St. Louis. (AP Photo/Matt Slocum)

St. Louis Cardinals’ David Freese hits a two-run double during the first inning of Game 7 of baseball’s World Series against the Texas Rangers Friday, Oct. 28, 2011, in St. Louis. (AP Photo/Ezra Shaw, Pool)

St. Louis Cardinals’ Albert Pujols reacts as he scores during the first inning of Game 7 of baseball’s World Series against the Texas Rangers Friday, Oct. 28, 2011, in St. Louis. (AP Photo/Ezra Shaw, Pool)

St. Louis Cardinals fan Clint Johnston, center standing, reacts while watching a broadcast of Game 7 of baseball’s World Series between the Cardinals and the Texas Rangers on Friday, Oct. 28, 2011, in St. Louis. (AP Photo/Bill Boyce)

A close call goes to the Cardinals in the fifth inning.

With first base open, Texas intentionally walked David Freese to load the bases with two outs. Scott Feldman fell behind 3-1 on Yadier Molina, then threw a strike. The full-count pitch also looked like a strike, right on the outside corner, but this time Feldman didn’t get the call from plate umpire Jerry Layne.

Ball four, 4-2 Cardinals.

Hard to argue with walking Freese in that spot, even though Molina has a clutch pedigree. Freese has just been on such a tear lately, especially in big situations.

C.J. Wilson came on and hit Rafael Furcal with his first pitch, forcing in another run. Skip Schumaker strikes out to end the inning.

St. Louis leads 5-2.

Texas pitchers have issued 40 walks in the World Series, tying the record set by the 1997 Florida Marlins.


Allen Craig makes a leaping catch at the left-field fence in the sixth, probably taking a home run away from Nelson Cruz. Chris Carpenter works a 1-2-3 sixth, and the Cardinals are nine outs from their second World Series championship in six seasons.


Big sequence in the top of the fifth inning.

Ian Kinsler hit a leadoff single and was sacrificed to second by Elvis Andrus. Carpenter fell behind 3-1 on Josh Hamilton ? the only strike may have been a generous call. Hamilton then swung at an inside pitch that might have been ball four and lofted a foul popup wide of third. Freese caught it at the dugout railing for the second out.

Freese had a similar chance Thursday night but was unable to make the play.

Michael Young struck out to end the inning.

Feldman has replaced Texas starter Matt Harrison in the bottom of the fifth. The Cardinals still lead 3-2.


Harrison worked a scoreless fourth. He pounded Skip Schumaker in on the hands, shattering his bat on a groundout, and retired Carpenter on an easy fly with runners at second and third to end the inning.

Furcal, dropped from his leadoff spot to seventh in the lineup, is 2 for 2 with a pair of singles.


Craig hits his third home run of the World Series to give St. Louis a 3-2 lead after three innings.

Craig’s opposite-field fly to right appeared to carry and carry before landing in the Cardinals’ bullpen as St. Louis relievers danced with glee.

Wilson is warming up again for Texas, with Harrison due up third in the fourth inning.


With runners at the corners in the second, Carpenter retired Andrus on a comebacker to end the inning.

Carpenter is the first pitcher to make three starts in one World Series since Curt Schilling for Arizona in 2001. Carpenter, who beat Texas 3-2 in Game 1 and took a no-decision in Game 5, is 6-0 at home in his postseason career. His eight career postseason wins tie him with Yankees closer Mariano Rivera for most among active pitchers.


Harrison looked more comfortable in the second. He was helped out when Young made a nice stretch at first to complete a double play.

Score tied at 2 in the bottom of the third inning.


Back and forth again.

Texas scored twice in the top of the first inning, only to have the Cardinals tie it right away on Freese’s two-run double to left-center in the bottom half.

What a run for Freese! Two-run triple Thursday night to tie it with two outs in the ninth inning, followed by his homer in the 11th to win it. All after the hometown kid (Freese grew up in a St. Louis suburb) was MVP of the NL championship series.

Molina flied out to the center field fence to end the inning, with Hamilton making a nice catch to keep it tied at 2.

Hamilton and Young had RBI doubles in the first off Carpenter.

Harrison got into trouble with consecutive two-out walks to Albert Pujols and Lance Berkman. Wilson began warming in the bullpen.


It didn’t take long for the Rangers to make a mistake. Kinsler opened the game with a single, then was promptly picked off first base by Molina, the Cardinals’ strong-armed catcher.

Not sure if Kinsler was trying to bluff a stolen base attempt and simply slipped, or if he was really going and felt as though he didn’t get a good jump. Either way, he stopped and got caught in between and was picked off pretty easily.

Pained look on manager Ron Washington’s face.

But that changed quickly. Andrus walked and Washington was undeterred, putting Andrus in motion on a hit-and-run. Hamilton ripped an RBI double past Pujols at first base and Young fisted a run-scoring double inside the right field line to make it 2-0 Texas.

That was all Carpenter allowed. He struck out Adrian Beltre and retired Nelson Cruz on a groundout.


Game 7 of the World Series. The most exciting night in baseball.

Except for last night, that is. What could possibly top that?

Following one of the most thrilling finishes in postseason history, the Rangers and Cardinals are back at it tonight, less than 20 hours after Freese’s 11th-inning homer for St. Louis pushed the Series to the limit.

Truly, a Fall Classic.

Winner takes all tonight. First pitch is 8:05 p.m. EDT at Busch Stadium.

The Cardinals seem to have everything on their side ? momentum, history and their No. 1 pitcher on the mound. After much debate about what manager Tony La Russa would do, Carpenter is set to start on three days’ rest for the second time in his career.

The first time was Game 2 of the NL division series in Philadelphia, and that one didn’t go very well. But the 36-year-old right-hander says he learned a few things about how to handle pitching on short rest.

The home team has won eight straight Game 7s in the World Series, a streak started by the Cardinals in 1982 against Milwaukee. This is the first time the Series has gone the distance since 2002, when the Angels beat San Francisco.

Harrison gets the ball for Texas. Let down by his defense, he was pulled in the fourth inning of a Game 3 defeat.

Twice, the Rangers were one strike away from their first World Series championship Thursday night. They couldn’t nail it down.

Now, after such a painful defeat, can they possibly recover? The last team to win Game 7 of the World Series on the road was the Pittsburgh Pirates at Baltimore in 1979.

Almost lost in all the back-and-forth excitement Thursday night were injuries to several key players. Cruz strained his right groin and Mike Napoli twisted his left ankle, but both Rangers sluggers are in the Game 7 lineup.

Matt Holliday, however, was removed from the St. Louis roster with a bruised right wrist. Craig starts in left field in place of Holliday.

La Russa also dropped a slumping Furcal to seventh in the lineup and Schumaker to eighth. Second baseman Ryan Theriot is at the top of the order and Craig bats second in front of Pujols.

Holliday’s absence might not be such a terrible thing for the Cardinals at this stage.

Sure, it shortens their lineup. He’s a dangerous hitter and a legitimate All-Star. But he really struggled with his swing during the World Series (.158) and he hurt the Cardinals with his glove and on the bases in Game 6, too.

With Holliday out, Freese moves up to fifth in the lineup, perhaps providing better protection for Pujols and Berkman. Freese has been a clutch hitter throughout the postseason, never more so than Thursday night.

Speedy outfielder Adron Chambers, a rookie, replaced Holliday on the active roster. Fox sideline reporter Ken Rosenthal says Chambers was grabbing a bite to eat with his girlfriend at a TGI Friday’s when he saw the scroll on television saying he’d been added to the roster for Game 7. That’s how he found out.

Clear skies at Busch Stadium. The temperature is 51 degrees, with a little light wind.

All set to play ball.

Associated Press

Source: http://hosted2.ap.org/APDEFAULT/3d281c11a96b4ad082fe88aa0db04305/Article_2011-10-28-BBO-World-Series-Online/id-e13474abdd7842179761391f55de37e7

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iPhone 4S launches in 22 additional countries today

Posted by aifkod on October 31, 2011

Apple is set to launch the iPhone 4S in 22 additional countries today, including Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland. Apple took over 1 million pre-orders in the first

Source: http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/TheIphoneBlog/~3/zPcB3Lr6m0k/

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