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French official: new pact needed for eurozone

Posted by aifkod on November 30, 2011

PARIS (AP) ? An “overhaul” of European treaties is needed to help restore market confidence in the eurozone’s ability to reduce high state debt and deficits, the French budget minister said Sunday.

Valerie Pecresse said a new governance pact among eurozone members could include “real regulators, real sanctions” to help restore confidence in the currency union.

Speaking on Canal Plus TV, she said the eurozone’s biggest economies ? France, Germany and Italy ? want to be the “motor” of a more integrated Europe.

“We won’t restore confidence unless we show proof ? very quickly ? about the unflailing solidity and solidarity of the eurozone,” Pecresse said.

Pecresse said each country must rid itself of the debt and deficit problems that are behind the continent’s deepening debt crisis.

German media reported this weekend that German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Nicolas Sarkozy are pushing for swift legal changes that would force eurozone members to comply with strict rules for budget discipline, like tough and easily enforceable sanctions for violators.

Sarkozy and Merkel have argued that the European Union’s treaties must be amended to guarantee a strict enforcement of the currency zone’s growth and stability pact.

Treaty changes, however, are complicated to engineer and take a lot of time ? probably more than the troubled eurozone currently has with markets doubting the solidity of several member states such as Italy.

One alternative could be a treaty between the governments involved, which would later be merged into EU law ? as has happened before with Europe’s Schengen visa-free travel agreement, German newspapers Welt am Sonntag and Bild reported.

The new initiative could be announced as early as this week and concluded early next year, Welt am Sonntag reported.

Germany’s government, in a statement Sunday, did not comment on the question of an intergovernmental treaty but said it’s continuing to push for changes to the EU treaty to be discussed at a summit next month in a bid to strengthen the currency union.

Associated Press

Source: http://hosted2.ap.org/APDEFAULT/f70471f764144b2fab526d39972d37b3/Article_2011-11-27-EU-Europe-Financial-Crisis/id-c170784902874e17b0d58d37d2627d96

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Video: Egyptians Vote in Parliamentary Election

Posted by aifkod on November 30, 2011

CNBC’s Yousef Gamel El-Din has the details on Egyptians taking to the polls to take part in the first election since the end of Mubarak’s rule.

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Source: http://video.msnbc.msn.com/cnbc/45460453/

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Cain denies new allegation of affair

Posted by aifkod on November 30, 2011

A woman has gone public with what she says was a 13-year consensual affair with presidential hopeful Herman Cain. But Cain is denying the story. NBC’s Lisa Myers reports.

By msnbc.com’s Michael O’Brien


A new woman alleged a 13-year-old affair with Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain on Monday, prompting the former Godfather’s Pizza CEO to issue fresh denials of any wrongdoing.

Cain sought to offer a pre-buttal to an Atlanta FOX affiliate’s report, which is set to air this evening, featuring a woman who alleges she maintained an affair with Cain.

Cain offered no specific rebuttals to any of the forthcoming claims, explaining that he would not respond to allegations before the report had aired them. But he did acknowledge a relationship with the new woman, whom he called an “acquaintance” that he had tried to help.

“We will address these when they come out. At this point, I just want to give you a heads-up, I don’t have anything to hide,” Cain said on CNN.

A preview for the station’s report, which is set to air at 6 p.m., says that?Atlanta woman Ginger White?claims to have had a 13-year-long affair with Cain, which she would detail publicly.

The woman is just the latest accuser of Cain, whose once-promising White House bid has been weighed down by a series of women to have come forward and accused him of sexual misconduct; other women have accused Cain of harassment, not an affair. Some of the women have made the claims publicly, while others’ identities have not been made public.

Still, Cain lumped the forthcoming allegation with the previous ones, which he has steadfastly denied and called “baseless.” When asked specifically if he had an affair with this latest accuser, Cain replied: “No, it was not.”

Cain’s attorney responded to the FOX affiliate in more evasive terms: “This appears to be an accusation of private, alleged consensual conduct between adults – a subject matter which is not a proper subject of inquiry by the media or the public. No individual, whether a private citizen, a candidate for public office or a public official, should be questioned about his or her private sexual life,” attorney Lin Wood said.

The businessman’s campaign had blamed a variety of opponents — from fellow Republican contenders, to Democrats — for the trickle of accusers, and Cain himself indicated Monday that he thought the latest allegation stemmed from someone who wished to slow his campaign.

“What this says is that somebody’s awfully afraid that I’m doing too well in this Republican nomination, to continue to dig up these stories to put a cloud and a damper on my campaign,” he said without accusing a campaign or person specifically.

Cain also emphasized that he continued to carry on with his campaign, though he acknowledged for the first time that, if the media scrutiny of his personal life takes too large of a toll on his family, he might drop his White House bid.

“I’m not going to allow this sort of thing to cause me to drop out simply because it’s tough on me,” he said. “I don’t want it to be tough on my family, and there comes a point where, if it’s tough on my family, I have to consider that at that particular point and time.”

When asked specifically about whether that would mean he could drop out, Cain said: “I’ll make that decision dependent on the circumstances of how it’s impacting my wife and my family.”

Source: http://firstread.msnbc.msn.com/_news/2011/11/28/9074100-cain-denies-new-allegation-of-affair

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China prepares for big entry into vaccine market (AP)

Posted by aifkod on November 30, 2011

BEIJING ? The world should get ready for a new Made in China product ? vaccines.

China’s vaccine makers are gearing up over the next few years to push exports in a move that should lower costs of lifesaving immunizations for the world’s poor and provide major new competition for the big Western pharmaceutical companies.

However, it may take some time before some parts of the world are ready to embrace Chinese products when safety is as sensitive an issue as it is with vaccines ? especially given the food, drug and other scandals the country has seen.

Still, China’s entry into this market will be a “game changer,” said Nina Schwalbe, head of policy at the GAVI Alliance, which buys vaccines for 50 million children a year worldwide.

“We are really enthusiastic about the potential entry of Chinese vaccine manufacturers,” she said.

China’s vaccine-making prowess captured world attention in 2009 when one of its companies developed the first effective vaccine against swine flu ? in just 87 days ? as the new virus swept the globe. In the past, new vaccine developments had usually been won by the U.S. and Europe.

Then, this past March the World Health Organization announced that China’s drug safety authority meets international standards for vaccine regulation. It opened the doors for Chinese vaccines to be submitted for WHO approval so they can be bought by U.N. agencies and the GAVI Alliance.

“China is a vaccine-producing power” with more than 30 companies that have an annual production capacity of nearly 1 billion doses ? the largest in the world, the country’s State Food and Drug Administration told The Associated Press.

But more needs to be done to build confidence in Chinese vaccines overseas, said Helen Yang of Sinovac, the NASDAQ-listed Chinese biotech firm that rapidly developed the H1N1 swine flu vaccine. “We think the main obstacle is that we have the name of ‘made in China’ still. That is an issue.”

China’s food and drug safety record in recent years hardly inspires confidence: in 2007, Chinese cough syrup killed 93 people in Central America; one year later, contaminated blood thinner led to dozens of deaths in the United States while tainted milk powder poisoned hundreds of thousands of Chinese babies and killed six.

The government has since imposed more regulations, stricter inspections and heavier punishments for violators. Perhaps because of that, regulators routinely crack down on counterfeit and substandard drugmaking.

While welcoming WHO’s approval of China’s drug safety authority, one expert said it takes more than a regulatory agency to keep drugmakers from cutting corners or producing fakes.

“In the U.S., we have supporting institutions such as the market economy, democracy, media monitoring, civil society, as well as a well-developed business ethics code, but these are all still pretty much absent in China,” said Yanzhong Huang, a China health expert at the Council on Foreign Relations. “For China, the challenge is much greater in building a strong, robust regulative capacity.”

Last year, a Chinese newspaper report linked improperly stored vaccines to four children’s deaths in northern Shanxi province, raising nationwide concern. The Health Ministry said the vaccines did not cause the deaths, but some remained skeptical.

Meanwhile, Chinese researchers reported in the New England Journal of Medicine earlier this year that a pandemic flu vaccine given to 90 million people in 2009 was safe.

WHO’s medical officer for immunization, Dr. Yvan Hutin, said WHO’s approval of the Chinese drug regulatory agency is not “a blank check.” Each vaccine will be evaluated rigorously, with WHO and Chinese inspectors given access to vaccine plants on top of other safety checks, he said.

Vaccines have historically been a touchy subject in the Western world, rife with safety concerns and conspiracy theories. Worries about vaccine safety resurfaced in the late 1990s triggered by debate over a claimed association between the vaccine for measles, mumps and rubella and autism. The claim was later discredited.

For China, the next few years will be crucial, as biotech companies upgrade their facilities and improve procedures to meet the safety and quality standards ? a process that is expected to be costly and challenging. Then they will submit vaccines to the U.N. health agency for approval, which could take a couple of years.

First up is likely to be a homegrown vaccine for Japanese encephalitis, a mosquito-borne disease that can cause seizures, paralysis and death. The vaccine has been used for two decades in China with fewer side effects than other versions. Its manufacturer expects WHO approval for it in about a year. Also in the works are vaccines for polio and diseases that are the top two killers of children ? pneumonia and rotavirus, which causes diarrhea.

Vaccines also are a significant part of a $300 million partnership with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation for the development of new health and farming products for poor countries.

China’s entry into this field is important because one child dies every 20 seconds from vaccine-preventable diseases each year. UNICEF, the children’s agency and the world’s biggest buyer of vaccines, has been in talks with Chinese companies, said its supply director Shanelle Hall. The fund provides vaccines to nearly 60 percent of the world’s children, and last year spent about $757 million.

Worldwide, vaccine sales last year grew 14 percent to $25.3 billion, according to healthcare market research firm Kalorama Information, as drugmakers which face intensifying competition from generic drugs now see vaccines as key areas of growth, particularly in Latin America, China and India.

China’s vaccine makers, some of whom already export in small amounts, are confident they will soon become big players in the field.

“I personally predict that in the next five to 10 years, China will become a very important vaccine manufacture base in the world,” said Wu Yonglin, vice president of the state-owned China National Biotec Group, the country’s largest biological products maker that has been producing China’s encephalitis vaccine since 1989.

CNBG will invest more than 10 billion yuan ($1.5 billion) between now and 2015 to improve its facilities and systems to meet WHO requirements, Wu said. The company also intends to submit vaccines to fight rotavirus, which kills half a million kids annually, and polio for WHO approval.

Smaller, private companies are also positioning themselves for the global market.

Sinovac is now testing a new vaccine for enterovirus 71, which causes severe hand, foot and mouth disease among children in China and other Asian countries. It is also preparing for clinical trials on a pneumococcal vaccine Yang says could rival Pfizer’s Prevnar, which was the top-selling vaccine worldwide last year with sales of about $3.7 billion.

Pneumococcal disease causes meningitis, pneumonia and ear infection.

“In the short term, everyone sees the exporting opportunities, because outside of China the entire vaccine market still seems to be monopolized by a few Big Pharma (companies),” Yang said.

The entry of Chinese companies is expected to further pressure Western pharmaceutical companies to lower prices. Earlier this year, UNICEF’s move to publicize what drugmakers charge it for vaccines showed that Western drugmakers often charged the agency double what companies in India and Indonesia do.

The aid group Doctors Without Borders criticized the vaccine body GAVI for spending hundreds of millions of dollars on anti-pneumonia vaccines from Western companies, saying it could put its buying power to even better use by fostering competition from emerging manufacturers like those in China.

GAVI’s Schwalbe said the vaccine body has to buy what is available and negotiates hard for steep discounts. “We need to buy vaccines now to save children’s lives now. We can’t wait.”

Source: http://us.rd.yahoo.com/dailynews/rss/china/*http%3A//news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20111129/ap_on_he_me/as_china_cheap_vaccines

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Anne Hathaway Is Engaged

Posted by aifkod on November 30, 2011

Anne Hathaway has signed on for a new role: Fiancee. A spokesman for the 29-year-old actress says Hathaway is engaged to boyfriend and fellow actor Adam Shulman. Publicist Stephen Huvane revealed no other details. Hathaway is among the stars of the anticipated Batman movie “The Dark Knight Rises.” She was nominated for an Academy Award [...]

Source: http://www.celebritymound.com/anne-hathaway-is-engaged/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=anne-hathaway-is-engaged

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Divergent views signal tough climate talks ahead (AP)

Posted by aifkod on November 30, 2011

DURBAN, South Africa ? With heat-trapping carbon at record levels in the atmosphere, U.N. climate negotiations opened Monday with pressure building to salvage the only treaty limiting greenhouse gas emissions.

The U.S., Europe and the developing countries laid out diverging positions at the outset, signaling tough talks ahead even as South African President Jacob Zuma called for national interests to be laid aside “for a common good and benefit of all humanity.”

As if to illustrate the effects of global warming, a fierce storm on the eve of the talks flooded shack settlements and killed at least five people in the port city hosting the international gathering. In a statement, municipal officials said the toll could go as high as 10, based on unconfirmed reports. The climate talks were not affected, though the roof of the sprawling center where the conference was being held was damaged.

Scientists say such unusual weather has become more frequent and will continue to happen more often as the Earth warms, although it is impossible to attribute any individual event to climate change.

The talks face a looming one-year deadline with the expiry next December of the commitment by 37 industrial countries to cut carbon emissions, as required under the Kyoto Protocol. At issue is whether those countries would accept another period of greater emission reductions.

As the talks opened, Canadian television reported that Ottawa will announce its formal withdraw from the Kyoto accord next month. Canada, joined by Japan and Russia, said last year it will not accept new commitments, but renouncing the accord would be another setback to the treaty concluded with much fanfare in 1997.

Canadian Environment Minister Peter Kent said he would neither confirm or deny the report.

“This isn’t the day. This is not the time to make an announcement,” he said.

“Countries are running away from the Kyoto Protocol,” said Artur Runge-Metzger, the chief negotiator for the European Union.

Canada’s withdrawal would not immediately affect the Durban talks, he said. But doubts about the Kyoto deal were one reason the EU was conditioning its acceptance of new commitments on an agreement in Durban from China, India and other major emitting countries that they will adopt legally binding commitments by 2015.

Developing countries say Kyoto is the only instrument that binds wealthy countries to specific targets.

The protocol was “the cornerstone of the climate regime, and its second commitment period is the essential priority for the success of the Durban conference,” Chinese delegate Su Wei told the inaugural session.

U.S. chief delegate Jonathan Pershing said the United States, which shunned Kyoto as unfair, would accept legally binding emissions limits in the future as long as all major emitters took on equal legal obligations.

But the U.S. wants to know exactly what such an agreement would contain before it agreed to the principle of a legal treaty ? which would require the endorsement of two-thirds of the U.S. Senate.

“Putting the form of the action before the substance doesn’t make a great deal of sense,” Pershing told reporters.

Opposition in Congress, which includes outspoken climate skeptics and a Republican majority generally considered climate-unfriendly, has prompted a widespread belief that U.S. negotiators are foot-dragging on emissions issues.

Christiana Figueres, the U.N.’s top climate official, said Kyoto’s future is “the defining issue of this conference.” She said an extension of Kyoto targets is linked to pledges that developing countries must make to join the fight against climate change.

The task is daunting, she said, then she quoted anti-apartheid legend and former President Nelson Mandela: “It always seems impossible until it is done.”

In his address opening the conference, Zuma said global warming already is causing suffering and conflict in Africa, from drought in Sudan and Somalia to flooding in South Africa.

“For most people in the developing world and Africa, climate change is a matter of life and death,” said the South African leader.

Zuma said Sudan’s drought is partly responsible for tribal wars there, and that drought and famine have driven people from their homes in Somalia. Floods along the South African coast have cost people their homes and jobs, he said.

“Change and solutions are always possible. In these talks, state parties will need to look beyond their national interests to find a global solution for a common good and benefit of all humanity.”

One of the greatest threats of global warming is to food supplies.

In its first global assessment of the planet’s resources, the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization estimated that farmers will have to produce 70 percent more food by 2050 to meet the needs of the world’s expected 9 billion-strong population.

But most available farmland is already being farmed, and in ways that decrease productivity through practices that lead to soil erosion and wasting of water, the FAO said in a report released Monday in Rome.

Climate change compounded problems caused by poor farming practices, it found. Adjusting to a changing world will require $1 trillion in irrigation water management alone for developing countries by 2015, the FAO said.


Associated Press writers Nicole Winfield in Rome and Rob Gillies in Toronto contributed to this report.

Source: http://us.rd.yahoo.com/dailynews/rss/africa/*http%3A//news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20111128/ap_on_bi_ge/af_climate_conference

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Another possible Sandusky accuser contacts police (Providence Journal)

Posted by aifkod on November 30, 2011

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[OOC] Above Love

Posted by aifkod on November 30, 2011

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Will you reserve Lydia for me please?

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Sure banana!

Nova, someone might be reserving the spot, so I’ll let you know rather you can have it or not depending on what they say ^^

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Cool beans on it DUN DAH DAH AWAY!.. ::Flies away to find and awesome pic::

Just thought of a question Lovely Spade do you want, anime or real life or don’t give a flip.

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Anime pics would be great ^^

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Annnnnnd I’m working on my character now Lovely! I have another one to do, but this sheet is much shorter so I’ll do it first :D

EDIT: Done!

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Okie Dokie she’s done Lovely Spade.

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I can’t wait to start this! ^^

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The Promise Of The 15-Inch MacBook Air

Posted by aifkod on November 30, 2011

Screen Shot 2011-11-28 at 6.27.37 PMIn my home office sits a 27-inch iMac with a secondary 24-inch LED Cinema Display attached to it. It’s a glorious vision of screen real estate. And yet, I dread using it. First world problem? It’s perhaps the definition of the term. But it’s true. I’m sitting here on a couch adjacent to my desk because I’d rather type this post on my MacBook Air. To be completely honest, I’d rather be using my iPad right now. But I must admit, it doesn’t come anywhere close to cutting it when it comes to typing more than a few dozen words. So for now, the MacBook Air exists as the pinnacle of personal computing in my eyes.

Source: http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/Techcrunch/~3/cSROvc6IwQo/

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Oil rises above $99 in Asia as stock markets gain

Posted by aifkod on November 30, 2011

(AP) ? Oil prices rose above $99 a barrel Monday in Asia, taking a cue from gains in stock markets after a strong start to the U.S. holiday shopping season.

Benchmark crude for January delivery was up $2.49 to $99.30 a barrel at midday Bangkok time in electronic trading on the New York Mercantile Exchange. The contract rose 60 cents to settle at $96.77 on Friday.

In London, Brent crude was up $2.13 at $107.99 on the ICE futures exchange.

Oil took its cue from Asian and European stocks, which were mostly higher Monday after record 226 million shoppers visited stores and websites during the four-day U.S. holiday weekend starting on Thanksgiving Day. That was up from 212 million last year, according to early estimates by The National Retail Federation.

Reports that France and Germany might circumvent European bureaucracy to get nations using the euro common currency to comply with strict rules for budget discipline also boosted sentiment.

Crude has fallen from above $103 more than a week ago amid investor concern that Europe’s debt crisis will undermine global economic growth and oil demand.

In other Nymex trading, natural gas was up 0.3 cent at $3.545 per 1,000 cubic feet. Heating oil added 4.8 cents to $2.99 a gallon and gasoline rose 6.6 cents to $2.52 a gallon.

Associated Press

Source: http://hosted2.ap.org/apdefault/f70471f764144b2fab526d39972d37b3/Article_2011-11-28-Oil-Prices/id-ec9731fddf8b4792b5224ac6da6bf1bf

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