In evolution, what are the steps between asexuality and sexuality?

Posted by aifkod on March 7, 2012

Question by PW: In evolution, what are the steps between asexuality and sexuality?
I?m not anti-evolution. I?m just wondering, how can a species evolve from asexuality to sexuality? Would it have to go through a period where it could do both?

And what came first, the ability to have sex to have kids, or the pleasure the comes from having sex? Neither would help much without the other.

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Answer by Aviator
Now I?m not that knowledgeable on the subject, but I believe it was very early on. Certain one celled organisms would sometimes ?combine? with other one celled organisms of the same species while reproducing asexually. This sometimes created a mix of their DNA to be produced.

In evolution, the more variety in a population, the better. This is because the more differences, the more differences can be weeded out or promoted as good differences. So reproducing sexually instead of asexually is a benefit. So the organisms that started mixing DNA, eventually evolved to always reproduce by combining genes. This led to sexual reproduction.

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