CSN: ‘He was terrible,’ Suggs says of Tebow

Posted by aifkod on March 12, 2012


Denver Broncos teammate Brady Quinn?s critical comments about quarterback Tim Tebow are generating headlines across the Internet, but Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs also is quoted in the GQ article that contains Quinn?s remarks.

Suggs? comments are similarly negative and surely will be recalled when the Ravens and Denver Broncos meet next season in Baltimore.

In the GQ article titled ?The Year of Magical Stinking: An Oral History of Tebow Time,? authored by sportswriter Michael Silver, Suggs had this to say:

?They say we were giving him a hard time because he?s a Christian. No, that?s not it! We were giving him a hard time because he was terrible.?

Suggs, who was named the NFL?s Defensive Player of the Year earlier this month after leading the Ravens with 14 sacks in 2011, made frequent references to Tebow during the season, usually mocking the Broncos? quarterback, who dominated media coverage of the NFL during the season.

?I mean, it?s an insult to us players,? Suggs told GQ. ?You know, wins are hard to come by in this league, and if I was Denver?s defense, I would feel a certain way ? they?re not allowed to, because they?re all on one team, but people are making it look like Tim Tebow is the kid from Foxborough (Tom Brady), which that couldn?t be more opposite. It?s just crazy that we?re calling him a phenomenon when basically he?s mediocre. (Carolina rookie) Cam Newton is a way better quarterback than Tim Tebow, and we don?t have a Cam Newton phenomenon.?

Quinn, who served as Tebow?s backup, has apologized for his comments in the GQ article. He attributed some of Tebow?s success to luck and questioned Tebow?s humility.

Suggs likely will not be apologizing.

Source: http://www.csnbaltimore.com/02/22/12/Suggs-rips-Tebow-as-terrible/landing.html?blockID=655662&feedID=6876

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